The car for our antics....

We spend many weekends and evenings working on, fettling with and generally trying to improve the rally car and its spares package with which we complete. This allows us get up at some ungodly hour on the morning of the rally, (usually a Sunday), travel about 3½ hours to some airfield, motor circuit or MOD site, have a thrash around for the day like kids let loose in a sweet shop and return home, hopefully with the car in one piece, contented in the knowledge that all the hard work, effort, and sometimes frustration invested the car are all made worthwhile after a good days motorsport!

Our car for such antics is an ‘F’ registration Peugeot 205 1.9 GTI which was first MSA log-booked for stage rallying in 2002.

....And it's spec...

F305MTA Peugeot 205 GTi Rally Car Specification: 

Make / Model                        Peugeot 205 1.9 GTi

Engine                                   Peugeot XU9J4
                                                4 Cylinder 1905cc
                                                Front Transversely mounted

                                                In-line single 8 valve overhead camshaft,
                                                All alloy with wet cylinder liners                               

Transmission                      Modified Peugeot BE3 5 speed  box (1st / 5th  from                                                                                 standard 1.9 box 2/3/4th from Mi16 box)
                                                4.4 CWP
                                                Tran-X plate-type LSD
                                                Standard clutch/flywheel

Injection /Induction            O/E Bosch LE2 Jetronic fuel injection system
                                                O/E inlet manifold /
exhaust manifold
                                                K&N induction kit

Suspension Front              Bilstein fixed platform tarmac struts                                                                                                            Rose-jointed bottom arms
                                                Sparco strut brace; Standard hubs
 standard anty roll bar, polyflex bushes   

Suspension Rear               Bilstein shock absorbers tarmac spec
                                                Standard 1.9  GTi rear beam (overhauled)
                                                Standard anti-roll bar

Brakes                                   (Front) Standard 1.9 calipers with Maxtorque x-drilled & grooved discs                                                  Mintex 1144 pads 
                                                 (Rear) Standard 1.9 GTi discs & callipers, conventional handbrake,              
                                                 Tilton proportioning valve, braided hoses, DOT 5.1
Steering                                Standard Peugeot power-assisted
                                                 OMP ‘WRC@ 3 spoke suede steering wheel
Body                                      3dr 205 GTi finished in Cherry Red
                                                Strengthened front turrets
                                                bolt in 6-pt Safety Devices cage                                                                                                                 Plated over sunroof model
                                                Polycarbonate side windows

Safety                                    Cobra Monaco and Sparco Junior competition seats with 5 piont 3" Sabelt                                     harnesses Lifeline AFFF plumbed-in extinguisher (4.0l)
                                                Lifeline AFFF handheld extinguisher (1.75l)
                                                Battery master isolator switch (mandated by MSA/FIA)

 Wheels / Tyres                   Standard Peugeot 1.9 GTi alloys
                                                Tarmac - Dunlop CR311 (X08/X12),

                                                Matador SM1 & SM3                                                                                         

Exhaust                                O/E downpipe and OMP 2½” single box system exhaust   approx                                     97dBat 4000rpm

Additional Features           Terraphone intercom
                                                Wet battery relocated into boot